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Katy, TX – Local country music singer/songwriter, Hayden Baker, dropped the first two songs off his second CD today.  The yet untitled CD is still in production, however, Baker and his Producer, Travis Bishop, decided they had to get these out after the tremendous response to “A Dream: The Baseball Song” on social media. 

The autobiographical song tells of Baker’s transition from college baseball player to a country singer. The roughly recorded acoustic version got nearly 40,000 views just days after being posted earlier this year.  Baker explains how after singing it for some of his college teammates and then them losing their Senior season and most likely final season of their career, he had to get this out there as quickly as possible.  The song tells of how dreams and situations can change but him knowing there was a higher power guiding him along the way.  Baker received praise from legendary songwriter/producer Chris Dubois for this song and Country Music Hall of Famer Ronnie Dunn stated ”Love this !! Well written…. Sincere…Real!”.  High praise from a country legend for sure.

The second song released, “Waitin’ On Love”, tells of the trials and tribulations of a lovesick young man waiting on Cupid to do his thing. This upbeat tempo and guitar driven song is a sure hit and is reminiscent of 90’s Country Music.  Baker’s twist and turns of lyrics incorporates today’s language as he talks about how he wishes he could “track love like a FedEx package” and he wished he could “share his location”.  This toe tapper goes out to radio on Monday, June 22nd.

Hayden’s music can be downloaded on all major platforms and his tour schedule is available on his website at

Instagram: @haydenbakerofficial            

Twitter:  @hayden_baker           

Facebook:  Hayden Baker Music


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