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At age 3, Katy, Texas native Hayden Baker received a gift. A small scale, Mark II acoustic guitar that was signed by the most successful country music duo of all time. Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks. Above Ronnie’s signature was the same words of advice that the great Chet Atkins had told him when he started out.  “Hayden practice…..” Hayden did. Fast forward 20 years later, Hayden has released 3 independent projects that have amassed over a million streams and he has charted 2 singles in the Top 40 on the Texas Regional Radio Report Chart. Following the release of HB’s second project, Against the Grain, he got a phone call from the man who signed that guitar 20 years prior. After a few trips to music city, Hayden became the first artist/writer signed to Ronnie Dunn's publishing company, Perfect Pitch. Hayden is a guitar slinger through and through, (i.e. “At Least I'm Here” and “Reason To Run”) but that doesn’t keep him from putting the story first in his songwriting. Songs like “If I Get There Before You” and “Midnight Drive” are a prime example of how much thought HB and his co-writers put into crafting the perfect lyric. Coming off the success of his 2023 EP Growing Pains, HB is gearing up for the release of his first full length album since 2020. The album, titled  Barely Gettin’ By will be available on April 12, 2024.

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